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Medical Help

Open Way provides funds that enable poor people gain access to medical assistance by paying for medical costs, transport to clinics or hospitals, and accommodation while waiting for treatment .  People with a very wide variety of medical conditions such as cancer, cataracts and other eye problems, goitre, typhus, typhoid fever, complications from HIV, scabies, malnutrition, leprosy, TB and many other ailments, as well as accidents and emergencies, have been helped.  We have also funded a small clinic to treat people with mossy foot (podoconiosis).


Vulnerable people sometimes find themselves in a position where their traditional mud house is in a state of collapse.  This may apply to someone who can't work and who has no family members supporting them and therefore has no means to repair their house.  Open Way constructs simple houses for people who find themselves in this situation.

We have constructed 23 houses in the last 12 months.

This hut is no longer fit for purpose

There is quite high rainfall in the highlands of Ethiopia, and conditions are not easy.  Shelter is obviously fundamental to health and well-being.

A simple 4 m x 5 m metal roofed house makes all the difference

We construct simple, secure and weather-proof houses.

They are inexpensive to build but are life transforming.

Efe is a seriously disabled subsistence farmer

Despite his disability, he grows corn and other crops on his plot.  We provided Efe and his family with a new house.

Helping the Elderly

For many years, Open Way has been running a project to provide a little support for elderly people who have no family members to support them.  such elderly folk find themselves in utter destitution, so a bit of help with clothing and food can make all the difference for them to be able to live out their years in dignity.

A few of the elderly people we support